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Going barefoot

My academic courses this semester are very interesting ones which will definitely challenge the way I perceive many facets of my life, including my faith. One class in particular deals largely with the colonization of Canada and the interactions of early missionaries with the First Nations Peoples. We will also be looking at residential schools, the injustices committed there and Canada’s ongoing Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

It will be a very interesting journey as I conciliate my work as a missionary this summer with my growing awareness of how that title has been abused in the past. It takes a lot of work to cultivate one’s missionary disposition and make sure that one’s efforts always come from a place of love and emulate the Gospel values.

I came across a beautiful passage this past Saturday while web-browsing. It is so relevant to my studies right now that my finding it was definitely providential. I have seen it attributed to many different authors and am not exactly sure of its origin yet.

“Our first task in approaching another people,
Another culture, another religion,
Is to take off our shoes
For the place we are approaching is holy,
Else we may find ourselves treading on another’s dream.
More serious still, we may forget…
That God was there before our arrival.”

Beautiful, isn’t it? So as this new year on campus begins, I am resolving to go barefoot. With humility and a growing awareness of how much I have yet to learn, I look forward to all of the unconventional ways that He will manifest Himself to us on campus!


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