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Words, words, words

I was reading Catherine Doherty’s meditation for yesterday, the feast day of St.Francis of Assisi. Inspired by his great prayer, I wanted to share some of my favorite prayers.

I can still hear CCO founder, Andre Regnier, speaking to us at our last training session this past summer. We sat looking out at parliament before us and Quebec to our right. “Be men and women committed through prayer…The more Christ captures your heart, the more you will be captured,” he said.

For the first time in my life, I am striving to be a woman committed to prayer. I thought I’d share some of my favorite prayers. Words I don’t say nearly enough and words that I hope are soon reflected in the way I live out my daily life:

1. The Rosary

I can think of few things more beautiful than holding Mother Mary’s hand and knowing she gathers all our worries and brings them to her son. I want to say this on the bus, while I am making dinner, and walking to school. I offer up each decade for a special intention. I think that we (even the men amongst us) need Mary’s grace and boldness as we say “Yes” to scary things each day.

2. The Litany of Humility

I was given this prayer from a French priest. It is probably the most difficult prayer to truly desire. I hope that through speaking this one more often, it actually changes the desires of my heart.

3. I’m not sure what to call this prayer other than a prayer-from-my-awesome-summer-Polish-housemate. It is the simplest prayer, but no less powerful. “Lord, I know what I want, but you know what I need. Grant me what I need.”

And sometimes, words just don’t do it. They don’t cut deep enough through the confusion and crap. What prayers are there then?

1. Praise and Worship never fails. Blast your favorite song of praise (currently mine) and let the words become your prayer.

2. Silence. Never underestimate silence. I am so busy talking, I forget to listen to Him.

“Holy Spirit, teach me how to pray. “

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