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Deep joy

Today is the first day of spring!

It is finally official, but the weather has been so nice for the past couple of days here in the Nish and it’s been maaaarvelous! Campus  seems to have come alive again; students are tossing a football around on the lawn between Cameron and MacKinnon Hall, and others are studying in the sun. I feel a sense of deep joy and hope in my heart as well. We are now three weeks away from Easter and, looking back, I feel like I have come a long way since Lent began. This year I decided to give up make-up for the first half of the Lenten season, until I shaved my head at our campus’ Relay for Life on March 16th.

That’s me in the middle!

A few weeks ago while I was visiting Ottawa, a friend shared with me a meditation that spoke about how Lent was a solemn time but not a somber time. We are meant to derive joy from the things we give up because they point us closer to what is really important. So I have been earnestly searching this year for the joy that comes from simplifying life.

I have recently begun reading Jean-Baptiste Chautard’s The Soul of the Apostolate. It is a beautiful and challenging book that was recommended to me by a friend. I really have to read it slowly and ponder its content because it is just so rich and full.

Today I read about what Chautard calls the ‘First Truth of the Interior Life’.  He speaks about how the supernatural life is Jesus Christ within us, and how this active presence is as much a part of us as our hearts are a part of our bodies. While we may not recognize it throughout the day, it is always present and working to lead us towards our ultimate goal: divine life.

This active presence which permeates our being is our Christian life.

So deep.

It seems to me that the simplicity of wearing no make-up and shaving my head this past weekend are really paralleling a sort of inner journey. It is as though my Lenten observance has become a physical manifestation—a real reminder—of how this active presence is working through all things to transform me.

And it’s so beautiful.

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