Eunice / Reflections

It’s never too late.

Hello friends,

I was listening a to a talk recently (wish I could remember who!)…the speaker shared that we are so lucky to have a God who asks, “What will you do now” He doesn’t look at our past with all its failures and faults. He doesn’t look out into tomorrow and what we can do at some vague later date. He asks, “What are you going to do about it NOW?”

This Lent, I was so eager to rid myself of all bad habits that I over-promised myself. Recently, I spoke to a priest about how I was failing to live up to any of my lenten promises. He suggested that maybe I was spreading myself thin. I left that conversation grateful for the wake-up call, but without any concrete new plan for Lent. In the days that have passed since then, I somehow took the priest’s advice as permission to return to all my bad habits. Perhaps I was faring worse off than when Lent began.

A week ago, I participated in a national campaign on my university campus called, 5 Days for the Homeless. I pledged for 5 days to go without the comforts of my home such as a warm bed and shower and live “homeless”, all in efforts to raise awareness and money for a local organization that addresses youth homelessness. The campaign was an opportunity to not only support a worthy cause, but also push myself to take Lent more seriously and offer up small luxuries.

Those 5 days refocused me on what Lent can truly be about. It was a week that showed me it’s not too late.

No matter how far from your Lenten promises you’ve fallen, take them up again. Perhaps you were tackling too much. Pick one thing and for the rest of Lent, each day, offer up that small act for Him who asks, “What are you going to do today?”

– E

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