Dreaming of summer..

Finals are upon us. My first exam is tomorrow morning and so naturally I am drowning in economic models and theories this evening! Bleh. And I can’t focus because I’m dreaming of the summer which, for me at least, will begin in two short weeks! So I figured I’d let myself make a classic summer to-do list before I force myself to buckle down and return to the effects of fiscal and monetary policy on national income..

Adventures to fill the upcoming months..

  1. Kayak in the NYC harbor
  2. Vlog post while at the UN HQ in New York (more on this adventure soon!)
  3. Grow my own food
  4. Explore a couple of local farmers’ markets
  5. Start doing the Daily Examen again
  6. Canoe everywhere
  7. Serve others more
  8. Finally finish getting my drivers license
  9. Find someone at home to practice my Spanish with
  10. Go camping… A LOT
  11. Lots of P&W around the campfire
  12. Fall more in love with God
  13. Plan and execute a scuba adventure with Kasia
  14. Hit the beach at the end of work each day
What are your plans for the summer?

Photo cred to Jake Stangel

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