Living Prayerfully: Here goes…

Hi new and familiar readers,

We’re settling into our semesters and it’s time to settle into new habits and break old ones.

Becs and I have talked about starting a series for quite some time now. We exchanged cross-country emails, texts, and prayers asking Jesus to guide us in this coming semester of blogging. We’ve got so many ideas and plans to share with you! For our first post in this new semester, we want to introduce you to our ‘Living Prayerfully’ series. For the next 5 weeks, we will post reflections, quotes, books, and all tidbits to do with prayer.

It might just be me, but daily prayer is often a struggle and when it goes, everything else goes with it. I know that the days that aren’t the most productive, days where I’m more grouchy and off my A-game are all days that I just didn’t STEEP IN PRAYER.

A friend one told me that Mother Teresa would wake up each morning at 4am to pray and when she had more to do, she’d up her prayer time. How often the opposite happens with me. As days get busier, my prayer time goes out the window. Don’t let that happen. Let’s fight for prayer time together.

We hope that you’ll join us and commit to living more prayerfully in the coming weeks. Never prayed before? Why not now? Never made prayer a habitual part of your day? It’s not too late. Join us.

Facebook skyping with Becs. What a great joy! Makin f&pb plans for this year!

To living prayerfully,

the f&pb gals

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