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Living Prayerfully: On contemplation and falling madly in love!

Hi peanut butter lovers,

I’m just going to launch right into it…

“Why should it be difficult to fall in love with God?” …Why do we have to inquire about how to pray? Perhaps we are really asking how to love, because, after all, prayer is simply an expression of our love…

In Zen Buddhism, one is supposed to sit in the lotus position and meditate until nothing at all is left in the mind: Forget about yesterday, today and tomorrow and concentrate on the present moment. But, it seems to me, Christianity has a better idea. For us, contemplation is the contemplation of a Person. We contemplate God as two lovers contemplate each other on park benches, and when they are alone. They hold hands and look deep into each other’s eyes. For us, prayer is like a woman contemplating her husband after the marriage act. Both lie still and gaze upon each other in silence.”

– Catherine Doherty

I had to restrain myself from quoting this entire book to you. I first fell in love with this passage when one of the women in my summer household read it in morning prayer. How intimate it is. Perhaps it’s the romantic in me or just the desire we’re all created with to love and be loved, but I can’t get enough of Catherine’s take on prayer…How does this passage make you feel?

When I read that bit about a couple looking deep into the eyes of each other, I wondered how it would be to look into the eyes of God. It seems every time I contemplate Him and speak to Him, I can’t clearly see His eyes. It reminded me of a young girl, Akiane, who saw Jesus and painted Him. She told her dad, when she came to paint His eyes, that the color of His eyes simply didn’t exist in this world. No mixture of paints could create exactly what Akiane had seen. That’s how spectacular they are.

Akiane’s Jesus

This week, I think I’m just going to find a nice peaceful spot and sit with Him. Perhaps a park bench…I’m not going to say a word. I’m just going to sit with Him, let Him hold me and contemplate.

“Silence can be the greatest expression of love…Prayer will come when we fall in love with God. The way to fall in love with him is on our knees.”

– Catherine Doherty

Some places I went to in prayer from Hali to NYC…

Imagine waking up to this view, bringing a journal down to the hammock and letting sounds of the river run by (taken at my housemate, Gabe’s, home in St.John, NB)

The view from a ranch just outside Halifax that we explored. I feel instantly there when I look at this photo

The dock just 2 blocks from my house this summer in Hali! I can’t even count the number of times I ran down here journal & Bible in hand crying, overwhelmed, excited, ecstatic, peaceful and never did He leave me wanting.

On the boardwalk on one of my last days in Hali. Can you tell that I love being by the water? P.S. Becs, note the St.FX water bottles 😉

A Church in Manhattan. Amidst the craziness of this city I stopped completely when I saw this view. I was captured by the setting sun and silhouette of the cross. Let Him captivate you!

Was writing to this song and thought you’d enjoy it too for your prayer this week. Instead of ‘sailing’ with a loved one, contemplate with the one who is so much bigger.

With you in contemplation…May you fall ever more in love,


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