Living Prayerfully: 6 weeks later

As we come to the end of our Living Prayerfully Series, I’ve been looking back on some of our posts and marveling at how far we’ve come.

So, a quick recap: It is critical to carve out time for prayer each day…it transforms our dispositions and affects every other aspect of our lives.  It’s equally important to quiet ourselves during prayer so that we can really listen.

In this, the Year of Faith, we can look to Mary and the saints as models. Their trust, their intimacy with God, was the fruit of prayer. We can also offer up our sacrifices—big and small—as prayer. And above all, we need to persevere whether we receive sweet consolation or not.

This was our first time doing a ‘series’. Did you enjoy it? Stay tuned for Euns’ testimony and an East Coast-West Coast post coming soon!

Happy weekending!


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