Merry Christmas


To our peanut butter lovers,

You may have realized the blogging has slowed down here as of late. We’ve been soaking in some rest and spending loads of time with our families post our finals.

I heard the most beautiful reflection today from a priest at mass. He spoke of why we do not cover the crucifix at Christmas; that Jesus’ birth, whether we like it or not, is connected with His death. We cannot separate this joyous occasion from the pain and suffering at His death. It is a celebration of His enormous love for us. Someone once told me that God becoming man is akin to if we chose to become ants. It is a moment of great sacrifice and we are so incredibly blessed to know this Christ. He chose to take on all our troubles, all our struggles, all our pain… as one of us. I pray your celebrations are done with great heaps of gratitude.

From Becs and I here at f&pb, we want to thank you for reading and wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas!

Love from,

the f&pb gals

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