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Happy New Year!

Euns and I just got back from two Rise Up conferences in different parts of the country; she was in Saskatoon this week and I was in Halifax. The theme of this year’s conferences was “Fiat: A Yes Can Change the World” and the entire 5 days were so moving..

I was reminded that Mary’s fiat, her ‘yes’ to God’s plan for her life, was extraordinary. It would mess up her life as she knew it and put her social status and upcoming marriage at risk. And yet, she gave God permission.

She was terrified, she was confused, but she listened and trusted her Lord


Henry O. Tanner, The Annunciation, 1898. Oil on canvas..

Take a moment to play the song below while looking at the painting above…


Can you imagine how fruitful 2013 would be if we all asked Mary to help us trust that much? Let’s do it!           We’ll be sharing more reflections from Rise Up in the days to come..


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