An East Coast-West Coast Weekend: Rise Up Edition

Today we’re sharing some of our favourite shots from CCO’s annual Rise Up Conference in a festive twist on one of our regular features.

An East Coast conference…

Rise Up HaliClockwise from top left:

Chelsey singing with the band; Xaverians and friends; dancing up a storm on NYE; Eucharistic Adoration

Hali 2Lord I have seen your goodness/And I know the way you are/Give me eyes to see you in the dark/And your face shines of glory/That I only know in part/And there is still a longing/A longing in my heart –You Revive Me

582537_10152385243000387_557781335_nThe heart of evangelization is recognizing we are poor. We have nothing to give but Christ. -Ron Huntley

Hali 4

A West Coast conference…

collageClockwise from top left:

Sasky Rise Up attendees; view of the water; Impact Halifax missionaries reunite; Liz and I ready to leave Sasky rejuvenated

Picture 1



“Say to the Lord, ‘Lord I don’t know what you want from me, but whatever it is, you can have it.’” – Laura O’Reilly

And a bonus picture just cause #westreallyisbest AND BECAUSE RISE UP 2013 WILL BE IN O-TOWN (where Becs and I first met)…


Photo credit: Catholic Christian Outreach & Eunice

P.S. Want to know more about Rise Up?

Euns’ article for the Canadian Catholic Students’ Association website

A quick post from Euns’ blog.

The official and fabulous Rise Up website

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