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New Takes on New Years Resolutions Pt.2

So it’s almost February…how are we doing in terms of sticking to those pesky resolutions? Have you made a ‘stop-doing’ list?

Here’s my resolution story: While I was at Rise Up, I was speaking with a woman from Madonna House. She shared with me a tradition in their community. Every New Years, members of Madonna House turn to scripture for a prophetic word just for them over the year ahead. She invited me to try it. I opened their bible to this verse:


Score! What a beautiful passage and so fitting for me this year. So my resolution has become to relax and delight in the work I am called to do. To relax and delight in the fact that I am loved. In a practical sense this means I’m setting aside more time for coffee dates with amazing women who inspire me and am singing more joyfully.

The good news is that even though it’s the end of January, it is never too late. Set aside some time for prayer today and ask God how you need to grow in this Year of Faith.

Also, check out the TEDx talk that Eunice presented in December at UBC here.

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