Divine Romance | Some final words.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!  Today we are sharing some thoughts on making an intentional commitment to being single-hearted.

Some wisdom from Emily

“My friend recommended the book “Your Knight in Shining Armor” by P.B. Wilson. I thought the “single for six months” commitment was a little silly, after all, what if “He” comes along?!

My experience has been that, any time I am sworn to singlehood, my relationship with my Saviour becomes more intimate, spousal actually.

I was actually very content since I wasn’t “looking”.

I knew this was a commitment and so I didn’t feel as distracted by men.

My best advice to single and waiting, longing and praying women is,

If you spend enough time with the Lord, you’ll realize he is a provider and a surpriser. Did you know that all things are possible for Him? Did you know that His plan is best? Have fun preparing by improving yourself.



Emily is currently a full-time campus missionary with CCO at Dalhousie in Halifax, NS. She radiates the Lord’s beauty and has been integral in bringing many women closer to Christ (I can attest to this). It was Emily, who inspired me and others to take to heart this single-hearted challenge. Thank you for being such a beautiful role model Emawee! You’ve sparked in me a greater desire to follow Him. 

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