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Challenge: 23 Before 24 Bucket List

While Becs is off on her Cuban adventure and I’ve just returned from my Malaysian one, Becs has challenged me to create a birthday bucket-list in honour of turning 23. I love lists and so not much convincing was needed. Becs, challenge accepted. Here’s my 23 before 24 list…


By February 19th, 2014, I will…

  1. Run my 3rd and 4th half marathon (at least 1 outside of Vancouver)
  2. Finish reading Anna Karenina and then watch the movie with a couple of my favs (watched movie in fall 2013)
  3. Go on a biking trip with my dad for the first time in 8 years YIKES! (happened in Mexico in a park 2013)
  4. Ski a blue run
  5. Finish a one-year blogging commitment over here(with a brief hiatus, still blogging over at Wednesdayatfinchs whoop whoop!)
  6. Attend a Sister of Life Retreat in NYC – still in the haps!
  7. FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY get my driver’s license (accomplished spring 2013)
  8. Take a road trip and be the one driving (does moving all my belongings to Prince George in September count?) 
  9. Experience the Calgary Stampede (July 2013 with some swell amigos)
  10. Move cities/ move out (Prince George, September 2013)
  11. Learn basic, conversational Mandarin
  12. Publish a piece of writing in a new place (check out Canadian Catholic)
  13. Re-decorate our family basement (August 2013 painted)
  14. Make a 3-course Malaysian meal
  15. Parasail  (Mexico in July 2013)
  16. Surf
  17. Make & edit my first video
  18. Make homemade ice-cream
  19. Learn to say the rosary with the right mysteries for the right days (so proud to have this down!!)
  20. Become an aqua-fit instructor
  21. Buy my own pair of snowshoes and become a regular snow-shoer
  22. Attend an Acumen Fund Vancouver event and find a way to get involved (completed an Acumen Course in June 2013)
  23. Volunteer with the Missionaries of Charity

Would love to hear what’s on your lists! Happy Birthday to all my fellow Februarians. Also, stay tuned for Becs’ list also coming later this year.



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