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Easter Reflection

Hi friends,

Catherine Doherty, whom y’all know I just can’t get enough of, wrote that Easter is the sun around which all the other feasts grow like stars. How true. This past weekend and this upcoming new season in our Church is the summit of what it means to be a Christian. How sad to let it go just as another long weekend for an extra bike ride.

This past Easter has left me at a loss for words. We better just play some Matt Maher in the meantime while I recollect myself.

As Christians, we wear crosses around our neck and pray often before a cross. What does this mean? Without Easter, it is just a cross, a symbol of pain and suffering with no meaning. But with Easter, all of it takes new shape and form.

Source {click link for the story of 3 trees at Easter}

I’m reveling in that this Easter. The strength of the cross. Look at the crucifix. It is complete strength.

If you are at a place where you think you have lost everything or are suffering immensely, look at the cross. Jesus’ suffering and his surrender of everything, was not the end. You are praying to a God who overcame death itself. Your problems are clearly not too big for such a God.

So wherever you’re at, keep your gaze transfixed – up above your own crosses, to the ultimate cross. You aren’t alone in your gazing upwards.

Happy Easter! Love to you and your families this season from Becs and I at f&PB.

Let’s gaze together for “the glory of God has defeated the night”,

~ E

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