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Introducing…the Brosary Boys

Merry May to all our faithful F+PB followers. We have been taking some unplanned time away from blogging to move cities, attend weddings, and figure out what we are meant to do with the rest of our lives (the latter is a work in progress). You, friends have no doubt been in our prayers.

To celebrate a new month, Mary’s month, we are going to be posting a new series entitled ‘Brosary Boys’.

You may remember we debut our first series of guest bloggers just a couple months ago with the ‘Single-Hearted/ Divine Romance’ Series. This series told of five gals who decided to commit to 6 months of single-heartedness for the Lord.

This month, we’re reaching out to five ‘brosary boys’ in our lives to write for F&PB. May, being the month of Mary, we’ve decided to focus on men in our lives who have a die-hard love for Mary. We think there’s nothing more attractive than a man who loves his mum (how much more the ultimate Mother at that).


More men with a fierce devotion to Mary and the rosary (via)

You’ll hear from:

  • Joseph San Jose: recent UBC grad, upcoming missionary with Catholic Christian Outreach, future singer at my wedding and an all around rad man/ musician. For now, you can meet Joe here. He’s deep. Follow him @jedski
  • Liam Farrer: Hailing from Calgary, Liam is a Knight of one of the highest degrees. We don’t joke. This man introduced me to the magic of Top Gun and Leonard Cohen, and is currently working to bring One Rock to life. Follow him @soitgoes910
  • Chris O’Hara: Chris is crazy about the East Coast. He is a talented saxophone player and all around musician. I once saw him learn the harp in 10 minutes flat. He is the former President of the Canadian Catholic Students’ Association and currently has the dream job working at St.Therese in Bruno Saskatchewan. Follow him: @ohara_chris
  • Santiago Torres: Another Alberta man, Santi is a Columbian at heart. He hearts soccer and pretty much all sports not to mention he can teach you a thing or two about salsa on the dance floor. He is a former team leader with Catholic Christian Outreach’s Impact Mission and is finishing up his degree in Mechanical Engineering. He’s too cool for twitter.
  • Jeremy Keong: Jer is currently halfway through his Masters of Theological Studies at the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family in Washington, D.C. It sounds fancy because…it is. He is probably the biggest Lord of the Rings fan I know and is a go-to guy with any theology question you might have. You can read about his thoughts on his blog. Follow him @jeremykeong

First post coming soon,


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