22 Before 23!

Well yesterday I turned 22, ladies and gents! This past week has been one wild ride and as tired as I am, I feel extremely blessed. You may recall that in February I challenged Eunice to create a bucket list to celebrate her birthday. This time it was my turn to take up the challenge:

22 before 23

By May 22nd, 2014, I will…

1. Plan and execute a great freshwater dive (Unfortunately I didn’t make it out last summer!)
2. Run the Perth Kilt Race 
3. Go on a spontaneous road trip  (Completed with my cousins-great fun!)
4. Fix my bike and use it often
5. See the Northern Lights
6. Win a high-stakes race at a regatta this fall
7. Go couch-surfing
8. Watch every episode of Game of Thrones
9. Renew my Marian Consecration using this book
10. Write a kick-ass honours thesis
11. Make a special dinner to honour my roommates
12. Play at a coffeehouse
13. Start erging regularly with my rowers (Not as much as I’d hoped to)
14. Walk the Camino de Santiago (I’m en route!! Stay tuned for some reflections soon)
15. Bake this cake
16. Visit Newfoundland and get screeched in!
17. Grow my hair out
18. Graduate from university.. FREEEEEEEEDOM! 
19. Go on a beach crawl
20. Take an art class
21. Float somewhere in a rubber dingy
22. Pack off to Europe  (And loving it!)

What’s on your lists, friends? We’d love to hear..


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