Cheers to 2 Years!

Picture 3

Two years ago today we lay on the upper floor of our apartment, trying to keep cool while brainstorming creative ways to keep in touch when our summer mission wrapped up. Our shared love of food, faith, and blogs led us to the humble beginnings of F&PB. 2 years later, and our friendship (and blog!) are still going strong.

To celebrate two amazing years of blogging and growing together, we have an exciting announcement…

Drum roll please!2-years-old-rockandbeat-copy

…F&PB is getting a makeover!!

Yes, that’s right. The blog is getting redesigned in the months to come and we’ve enlisted some professional help. More details to come on this sweet update including who our brilliant designer is!!

For now, sit back, sip some champagne and enjoy some birthday cake. You deserve it! Thank you for journeying with us and reading and supporting us both.

~ E & B


P.S. Feeling nostalgic? Check out Euns’ 5 favourite F&PB posts from the archives:

– Becca’s story: My Hundredfold

– Where the jealousy stops: The Ugly

– When Becs shaved her head: Deep Joy

– ALL the Brosary Boys (I couldn’t pick just one!)

– The importance of Going Barefoot

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