Becca / Eunice

An East Coast-West Coast Weekend

An East Coast kinda weekend…

Long Weekend{Catching the train/ Hanging out with my favourite 7 yr old/ Making kale chips/ Playing Settlers of Catan}

An West Coast kinda weekend…

collage{Early morning coffee & groceries with the parents/ Blueberry cakes for backyard BBQs/

Quick dip/ Lunch with my love @rissaben}

How was your weekend?

~ B & E

One thought on “An East Coast-West Coast Weekend

  1. Not quite as adventurous as yours, lol. Ramadan fasting finishes in 2 days, so I’ve been locked away like a hermit for 28 days as it’s 40C+ (104) every day and without water is not exactly fun… BUT, off to Greek Islands on Friday, so my NEXT weekend will be memorable 🙂 Have a great day and thanks for post; that cake looks scrumptious!!

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