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A Post-Grad Note about Waiting

I have had Audrey Assad’s Good to Me on repeat the last several weeks. It has been a while since I wrote something personal for F&PB and it’s high time I write a post praising the King of Kings who has been, for lack of better words, good to me.

Picture 2

Since graduating in early December, I have been (impatiently) waiting on the Lord to show me His next steps for my life. Those around me know just how crazy of a time this has been. I thought of everything. One week, I was sure I wanted to work out east for a non-profit like Free the Children. Next, I knew, I had two days to decide if I wanted to work for a development organization in Ethiopia. A day after declining this, I enrolled for nursing pre-reqs at my alma mater. A couple weeks later, I was convinced I wanted to volunteer in a Congolese hut with the Canossian Sisters. I was pretty set on this until I thought for a day that I might like to be a high-school religion teacher after volunteering at a high-school retreat. My dreams shifted further still when I met my dream organization in NYC (of all places, I thought, God must be calling me to NEW YORK, New York!). Meanwhile, the Lord was brewing up something…

My 8 months of waiting came to a close when a friend sent me a link for a job posting in Prince George. My initial thought, was (sorry to the people of Prince George), one of very little excitement at the prospect of living in Prince George. However, in the weeks leading up to my interview and even after, God changed everything. He gave me immense joy, a heart for this new ministry, and a peace I couldn’t ignore. I am left with nothing but excitement and faith in Him.

The post-graduation search is tiring, exhausting, disheartening, and need I mention, important! The Lord, how GREAT He is, does hear us, is generous without fail, and is faithful when we have the courage to wait on Him.

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How much He has taught me in these past months about the necessity of waiting. I would not have changed a thing. Waiting teaches us the virtue of patience when nothing else will. He is a generous man who wouldn’t hold out on us, but makes us WAIT on Him for our OWN benefit, not His. A priest said to me recently, “The Lord could give us anything right now, but how much more it means if we are faithful and wait for what He plans to give us.”

Friends told me to be less fearful and just plunge into something.

Friends told me to start something and not be afraid of not finishing.

Friends told me to begin my own catering company, take the first job that comes, and settle.

All grand advice, but I now know that there is nothing more beautiful than WAITING.

God is faithful, I promise.

He does see you, hear your every worry, and answers in His time with a plan bigger than your wildest dreams.

If I had any doubts, they’re erased. He is GOOD.

Wait for His plan, for nothing is better or more worth it than His plan for your life.

Wait for His time, for everything works in His time.

Wait for His vision and dream to take over your life, for it will be the one filled with the most joy.

I know this all to be true now and wouldn’t have learned it any other way, but through waiting on Him.

More to say about post-grad life, but for now, wherever you are, try waiting for a change.

~ E.

“Your goodness and mercy shall follow me.

All my life, I trust in your promise.”

~ Audrey Assad

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