24 More’s

You may remember last year, Becs challenged me to making a 23 before 24 post…which I’ve just had a moment to update. Check it.

It’s been wondrous to see the Lord honour small joys that He placed on my heart at the beginning of my 23rd year. Annddd, I think it’s good to leave a thing or two unchecked for this next year to see to it.

This year, instead of a bucket list per say, I’ve put together 24 ‘more’s’. 24 things I hope to see MORE of this year…Here goes! 24 is just going to be grand. I just know it. 24 things I want more of as a newly-crowned 24 year old:

1. More time with scripture. Colossians 2:6-7 is my new love language.

2. More time in a quiet chapel. Solitude become me.

3. More time in the kitchen

4. More tea parties

5. More picnics – snow allowing, so in my living room if I have to

6. More Christmas lights year round

7. More thrift store shopping, less time in Target

8. More time away from phones and computers

9. More snowshoeing & biking places and going on foot

10. More time barefoot

11. More dinner parties with nuns

12. More books, more Victorian lit

13. More dancing with and without a dance partner

14. More spontaneous adventures

15. More time outside

16. More naps, preferably outside

17. More early mornings for prayer and runs and/or climbs

18. More late night baking

19. More bold prayers

20. More tattoos 😉

21. More time pondering the Infinite and eternal

22. More gratitude lists

23. More letter writing/postcard sending

24. More singing, painting, photography, beauty… more more more!

Here’s to a year of less excuses, complaints, busyness. Less wasted facebook/instagram envy. Less comparing. Little to no guilt. Less doubt.

 And a pretty little ditty if it’s your birthday too.

What’s on your ‘more’ list?


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