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A Braveheart kind of Good Friday

At the persistence of some gentlemen, I finally caved and watched Braveheart one afternoon. (Warning: For those of you who haven’t seen Scottish Mel Gibson, this post does contain spoilers…) This isn’t a movie review, so I’ll refrain from commentary about the movie, but one scene in particular inspired me in anticipation of Good Friday.

24f050yThe movie follows a scotsman named Wiliam Wallace, who leads an uprising against the English after his beloved, Murron, is killed by them. In one of the final scenes of Braveheart, and probably one of the most famous, William Wallace, who has been fighting against the English is captured and sentenced to torture and death. As he is tortured, he is offered many chances to live if only he would ask for mercy and submit himself to the king. However, after each form of torture, he refuses to bow before the king, and death becomes imminently closer.

As I was walking through the Sorrowful mysteries of my rosary this morning, I was struck by the many opportunities Jesus, like Wallace, had to turn His back on us and walk away from the cross. I’ve grown up knowing how Jesus’ story ends and realized I have taken His death for granted. In the garden, after the scourging, after the humiliation of a crown of thorns, and even as He made His way to Calvary…these were all many points where He could have knelt before Pilate and denied His kingship. Instead, He chose death.

Right before William Wallace’s beheading, he catches this glimpse of his beloved wife, Murron in the crowd. I love this final scene in Braveheart where Wallace catches this final glimpse of Murron before death, because I think, that is what Jesus saw too right before they crucified Him – a glimpse of us in the crowd.

It was all He needed to face death. You can be sure of it.

So ponder that on this Good Friday, that you were the one Jesus saw when He accepted every form of torture and ultimately death itself. A song for your prayer time today.

~ E


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