An Advent Playlist

Did anyone else notice that the red holidays cups arrived in Starbucks the very day after Halloween??!!  And this weekend I can’t seem to escape the talk of Black Friday madness. Now I’ll be the first to admit that I go a little overboard anticipating Christmas. There’s just something so magical about it all—the lights, the festive music, the beautifully arranged storefronts… And yet, if I don’t check myself, I risk missing out on one of the most beautiful parts of our liturgical year:

Advent. The season of waiting.

Wait, what? Waiting is beautiful, you say??

It’s an art and a practice we seem to have forgotten in 2014 when we can purchase our ticket at the touch of a button or connect with someone online the instant loneliness hits.

Today, we need Advent more than ever.

This year, why not allow God to minister to us in the present? Instead of numbing our hearts with distraction, why not use this sacred time to cultivate the virtue of patience, practice presence, and ask for the grace to forgive, for more faith, or whatever may be on our hearts this season? As we begin a period of joyful anticipation, let us trust that God has something good prepared for our future and make the conscious choice to approach Christ for healing and grace.

As I undertake my own journey these next few weeks, I invite you to join me.

I often find that music helps me to enter into prayer and contemplation. As such, Euns and I offer you this Advent playlist with some of our favourite tracks and we hope the lyrics resonate with you over the weeks ahead.

“I Just Want Peace” Joe Zambon

“Reason to Sing” All Sons & Daughters

“O Come, O Come Emmanuel” Sufjan Stevens 

“Unwed Mother” Hoyle

This track is always on repeat come December. It reminds me of how much social isolation Mary must have experienced as a result of her fiat to the Lord and this, in turn, makes me so much more grateful for her faith-filled YES at the Annunciation.  Check the tune out here (’s track #5!)

“Be Born in Me” Francesca Battistelli

“Audrey Assad” Come Thou Fount

“God With Us” All Sons & Daughters

“Begin and Never Cease” The Oh Hellos 

With you in prayer, -B

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