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The Sheenazing Awards

So I’ve been spending this weekday evening in typical fashion (sipping tea and putting off my homework) and figured I should probably check out the Sheenazing Award nominations to cast my vote. One day I’ll master what our beloved Catherine Doherty calls “the duty of the moment” but today I’m still working on it.

The Sheenazing Blogger Awards are organized for the Catholic blogosphere each January by Bonnie from A Knotted Life. Named after Venerable Fulton J. Sheen (who, during his life, used the newest forms of media to communicate the beauty of the Catholic Church and his love of Christ), the awards celebrate and spread the word about Catholics blogging their hearts out on the interweb. As Haley put it, “It’s like she’s giving out virtual high fives during the chilly, gloomy month of burnout.”

Long before Eunice and I began blogging here at f&pb as a way to cultivate our faith and keep our cross-country friendship alive, we were spending far too much time perusing many of the very blogs nominated for these awards. I can’t say enough about some of these souls. So anyways, I hopped on over to the list of nominees tonight. About halfway down the list I did a double-take, gulped, and refreshed the page a couple of times just to make sure what caught my eye didn’t disappear. Lo’ and behold, Faith and Peanut Butter was nominated for “Best Under-Appreciated Blog”!

Wow. 20 minutes later and my heart is still pounding. It is SUCH an honour to be nominated for our very first Sheenazing Award alongside a bunch of better blogs. We are just babies in the Catholic blogosphere (and we don’t even have any cute babies of our own yet to blog about)! So we want you to know we’re honoured, truly.


So, dear readers, we encourage you to GO VOTE! And also, please take the time to check out some of the other blogs featured. They are really great and make so very clear the attraction of Catholic family life and why the Church is empowering for women.  🙂

Here are a few of my favourite posts by nominees for your reading pleasure:

Daniel Bearman on the Laotians of American Politics

Sex, Tomatoes, and High Fructose Corn Syrup at Carrots for Michaelmas

An Unfortunate Leaked Email at This Ain’t the Lyceum (this one made me laugh and laugh)

Molly’s heartfelt post on miscarriage, Mordor, and deep desires

And watch Blythe Fike of The Fike Life being interviewed by Zach Anner in this SoulPancake vid

Please take a moment to go and vote. You can check out the nominees here and vote here. Only one vote per reader, please!

Thanks a million from a novice blogger who’s still on cloud nine!


7 thoughts on “The Sheenazing Awards

  1. Hey ladies! I can’t find any contact information on your blog – could one of you please email me at bonniefandel at gmail dot com? Thanks! Bonnie from A Knotted Life

  2. I just found your blog through the Sheenazings. congratulations on your win for Best Under-Appreciated Blog! I’m excited to peruse your site and read more 🙂

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