Introducing a New Series

I’ve heard it said that there is a season for living and a season for writing. Oftentimes we need periods of great change in our lives to have the raw material and rich life experience to reflect upon. Friends, this has been a season of living for both Eunice and I and because of that, this little corner of the internet has been really quiet lately.

I’ve been forced to slow down however, because I’ve come down with a mean case of shingles and am quarantined for the week. I didn’t even know shingles was still a thing but yeppp! So its oatmeal baths, calamine lotion and blogging on the agenda for this week. That, and avoiding young children.


This is all very timely however because we’ve been dreaming up a new series of guest posts for f&pb since December and it’s time we get all the wisdom in these posts up on the blog. The topic is dating, vocational discernment, and marriage.

Some of our friends are starting to get engaged and married and we’ve been super inspired by the intention with which they have been preparing for their vocation together. Through these posts, we hope to convey the joys and challenges of relationships but especially to provide some inspiration in light of the big picture – marriage and ultimately the bigger (heavenly) wedding banquet thereafter. So often our culture takes a temporal view on things, especially relationships, as opposed to laying a foundation in light of eternity.

Over the coming weeks we’ll feature 6 guest posts; three co-written by engaged couples and three authored by amazing bloggers who already have a few years of marriage behind them. If you like what you read, be sure to comment, share and give our guest bloggers some love!

Excited to be back in {blogging} action,



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