He Has My Heart: A Relationship Series {Tim & Kailey}

This is a F&PB series we started to speak truth and love to all those single, in relationships, and discerning to help live in light of eternity. Perhaps a man or woman has captured your heart, but ultimately we are all meant to look upon Jesus Christ and say, “He has my heart.” Join our friends as they speak on marriage and the greater wedding feast: heaven. We hope it’ll inspire wherever you’re at. The introduction can be found here, and post #1 and post #2 can be found here. 

I am in love with these two beautiful human beings! I first met Tim and Kailey on our CCO IMPACT Halifax mission. I first met Tim through another friend when I was in Ottawa doing my first IMPACT. Little did I know that we would be teammates the following summer in Halifax and I would get to know Tim quite well! I came to know Tim’s deep heart for prayer, for souls to know Christ personally and his ability to make anyone feel comfortable and loved. He has this incredible ‘creepy’ face as anyone who knows Tim has come to call it that will instantly make any heart, even the hardest, laugh…or run. I met Kailey that same summer in Halifax. She is gorgeous and radiates the incredible and simple JOY of knowing Jesus and drinking deeply of His peace. She made me laugh with her nursing tales and inspired me with her purity of heart. It has been such a privilege to see just a little bit of their love story unfold starting that very summer together in Halifax and I’m even more excited to see where their marriage leads them.

Kailey & Tim are to be married this August 15th, coincidentally, the same day (and feast day) as our dear Carla & Josh!

Let’s pray for Kailey and Tim as they prepare for the awe-filled sacrament of marriage!

I love you Tim and Kails! Thank you for sharing your loverly story with us.

~ E.


1. Share a brief bio about you as a couple. Well, we met in Halifax, NS on CCO’s summer mission: IMPACT and quickly bonded over our love of Jesus, the Catholic Church, and adventure! We both love board-gaming, road-tripping, and the outdoors. We are very easy-going people who enjoy the simple things in life.

2. How did you know you were called to marry this person? Did you always know this person was ‘the one’?

Tim: Before IMPACT, I told God I wanted to focus on Him that summer and that I didn’t want to date anyone for a while. I had criteria that I desired in a woman and I told God that I didn’t want to get involved with anyone until He had the perfect girl in mind for me. When I met Kailey, she seemed to so easily fit those things I had prayed about and had told God I desired in my future spouse. I then began more actively discerning what God desired out of our relationship. I could always see myself marrying Kailey, but it came down to discerning and praying about whether that was God’s will and whether it was something I should pursue. I then started a Novena to St. Therese (now one of the patron saints of our relationship!) about whether I should more actively pursue Kailey, and on the last day of the novena, a man handed me a marriage-prep pamphlet while I was praying in a pew. We both knew we only wanted to enter into a long-distance relationship (Kailey lived in Edmonton, me in Ottawa) if we were serious, so through prayer, we decided it would be best to wait 6 months, grow in our relationship with Christ, and ask for guidance during this time that we both had attractions for one another.

Kailey: When I first met Tim, I was instantly attracted to this athletic, kind, chivalrous man whom I really knew nothing about. Before going to Halifax for IMPACT, I knew I needed to keep my heart solely focused on Christ and to not be distracted by relationships, but that proved pretty difficult when God put Tim in my path! We always had a great time together and our easy-natured, fun-loving personalities instantly clicked. A friendship quickly developed; however, God in His loving mercy gave me the graces throughout that summer to allow a friendship to develop with Tim while still keeping my heart securely with Him. Mine and Tim’s relationship started with just small moments we shared with one another, parishioners and friends in Halifax. I always enjoyed his company, and I remember thinking to myself after just a week of meeting Tim “wow, he would make a really wonderful husband and father for someone one day”. Of course, I hoped that ‘someone’ would be me; however, I tried hard not to let my attractions for Tim interfere with my mission in Halifax, so I offered up my attractions to God and asked Him for strength to stay focused over the summer. After the summer was over, Tim and I dedicated 6 months to focus on our relationship with the Lord & pray about His direction for our lives, and He definitely used this time for our benefit! We began dating (and thus actively discerning marriage!) April 8th, 2013. The more time I spent with him, the more I fell in love with him. I knew I wanted to marry Tim because, when I looked back on our relationship, I could see all the ways we helped one another grow in holiness. We have so much fun together, and we compliment each other in many different ways. There are also a lot of things we struggle with, but the beautiful thing is we help each other in our weaknesses and we remind one another in both big and little ways to keep Christ at the centre of ours hearts and our relationship. Ultimately, I came to realize there’s no one else I would rather continue on this life adventure with than Timmy!

3. How did you know you wanted to propose? And when?

Tim: After we started dating every day I felt more and more called to ask Kailey to marry me, it was not just one day I woke up and knew. Kailey had all qualities I desired for a wife and for the mother of my future kids. We quickly became best friends, she challenges me to grow in holiness and other areas of my life, she is always striving to be the best version of herself and grow as well, and she is extremely loving, and has an amazing relationship with God. So the answer to the question is that I always knew that Kailey could be the one and over time and through prayer both Kailey and God continually confirmed that yes, she is definitely the one.

4. What is the best piece of wisdom that you have received or want to give those called to the vocation of married life? To always be open about your struggles and weaknesses, to see them in yourself and be willing to work on it, and to help one another through those struggles. Always challenge each other to grow in holiness, and never become complacent. Marriage isn’t this fairy tale, “happily-ever-after” event that happens in your life in which, all of a sudden, you are both the perfect versions of yourself and everything is peachy. It is difficult, it involves constant work, but it is such a beautiful vocation when lived out the way God intends it to be. How great is it that God, through marriage, gives you a life-partner to walk through the highs and lows of life with?! Each vocation in its own special way is meant to be a small slice of the joy we will experience in Heaven. We are all called to be saints, and for myself and Tim, God sees that the vocation of marriage is the path Tim and I will walk as we continue towards Him.

5. What is one of your greatest hopes for your marriage? That we become saints! And we desire to raise our children up in this beautiful Catholic faith and encourage them along their journey to sainthood as well. We want our marriage to be one big adventure. Side goal: for our children to become professional athletes. 😉 Oh, and we’d love to have a hobby farm. Come visit us!

6. How do you keep Christ the centre and focus of your relationship? We pray with and for one another every day (Skype is the best!), we invite the Holy Spirit to guide our relationship, we do spiritual readings & Novenas, participate in Catholic events, and we help keep each other’s prayer lives on track! We know that, ultimately, Jesus is our true desire, and we love Madonna House’s mandate of “I am third” to always keep in mind where our priorities should be 😉

One thought on “He Has My Heart: A Relationship Series {Tim & Kailey}

  1. SO beautiful!!! Tim and Kailey you are such a beautiful couple and I am so very excited for you both, you’re in my prayers as you continue your journey towards marriage, God bless you 🙂

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