Eunice and Becca

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Hi there! However you stumbled here, it’s no accident and we’re so glad to have you join us. Welcome to f&pb. We are two young women who spent the summer of 2011 together while on a mission project. We spent many late nights eating peanut butter by the spoonful and sharing our love of blogs and our even greater love for our faith. Today we keep in touch by blogging together as we live out our adventures on opposite ends of the country.

996085_10153653627620153_941965814_nWhen we first began f&pb, it truly was a coast-to-coast venture because Becca was going to school in good ol’ Nova Scotia. She has since waved goodbye to the ocean and returned to her home province of Ontario. She recently walked the Camino de Santiago and loves hiking, paddling, and messing about outdoors. She is also engaged to a crazy Iraqi and they are planning a wedding for 2016.

Eunice studied Human Resources and International Relations in Vancouver, B.C. A city gal at heart, she now resides in northern B.C., land of lumberjacks and plaid, with a youth ministry gig. In her down time, she likes to blare Matt Maher in the kitchen while baking apple pies.

Leave a comment below. We’d love to hear where you’re reading from. Have you got a blog? We’d love to connect! You can reach us at faithandpeanutbutter at gmail dot com.

We hope you enjoy our insight on food, faith and friendship!

15 thoughts on “Eunice and Becca

  1. Eunice – Thanks for your Ted Talk – just stumbled upon it. I agree that “passion is a privilege” – have been thinking about that recently. So many don’t have the option to pursue their passion – they just have to do what it takes to survive. Also, great advice about spending equal time finding out what your passion is as you do finding out about the needs in your community. Thanks for your thoughts… a GenXer on a journey to find her passion…

  2. Hey! I’m a second year student- in CCO at Carleton. Are you looking for, or open to, more writers and/or would you be open to having another entry? I have some stories to share.

  3. Well hi there Eunice and Becca. I found you ladies through the Cdn Catholic Bloggers list (thanks to my friend Colin) and I”m loving your site. My friend Tess and I have done the exact same thing – we live hundreds of miles apart (not quite as far as you two) but we blog every week. Maybe sometime we could have one/both of you post on our site as a guest ( We’d love to have you! Cheers, ~Sarah

  4. Thanks for your Ted Talk. So inspiring, even though I belong to generation x 😉 Blessings on your trip to India. An amazing place, just went there a month ago. Greetings from Berlin!

  5. Ah I’m so happy I came across this blog, I love everything about it! I just recently started a new blog and have been looking for other Catholic bloggers to follow, so this was a really great find. I absolutely love your relationship series. Can’t wait to keep reading!


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