On Feminine Time and PSL’s
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On Feminine Time and PSL’s

Happy All Saints Day peanut butter lovers! Becca here— Autumn seems to be slipping away on me, so I’m pinning myself to my chair until I’ve got these thoughts posted! Back in August I read a blog post over on Bad Catholic by Marc Barnes. He was tackling the topic of gender (territory in which this blogger … Continue reading


St. James’ Day

Happy Feast Day of St. James the Greater, peanut butter lovers! Since walking the Camino de Santiago last year, this feast is particularly meaningful to me and gives me an opportunity to look back and reflect on how impactful that pilgrimage really was. Upon its completion last June, I wouldn’t have been able to predict how … Continue reading


All Saints Day!

Happy All Saints’ Day! The perfect day to introduce our new series: Celebrating Sainthood | The stories of ordinary people who lived extraordinary lives. Over the next few months we’ll be sharing stories and profiles on the saints. So tell us, who do you want to learn more about? Prepare yourself for a lovely November, folks. Let’s … Continue reading

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Today is the feast day of St. Therese of Lisieux. I figured that I’d do a post on novenas to celebrate! A novena is a public or private devotion prayed for nine successive days in hopeful anticipation of an answered prayer. The word ‘novena’ comes from the Latin word “novem”, which means nine, and the … Continue reading